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Hi, this is my first post.
I’m new to Raspberry Pi and have just a little electronics experience, but am familiar with Python and OpenCV.
I’m planning a university project but because of lockdown won’t have access to the uni workshop or equipment.
Basically, it involves using Raspberry Pi to gather images from 2 cameras, coordinating each frame with a flash from separate LED light sources, then doing some basic image processing on the images gained before displaying the resultant image. Ultimately the device should be head-mounted but that’s not so important at this stage.
Where I am locked down I have just a set of screwdrivers and a pair of pliers along with my laptop and iPad.
It’s been suggested to me that I should get two RP4’s, each connected to a RP camera. Also that I will need something like a MOSFET SSR to control the LED light sources (or I guess one for each LED).
I would really appreciate it if some of you experts looked over my putative equipment list in case there are things I am missing, or things redundant. Otherwise I can see myself spending lots of time waiting for extra deliveries.

  • RP4 4G X 2
  • RP PSU X 2
  • RP cases X 2
  • Digital multimeter
  • hook up wire spools
  • RP cameras X 2
  • MOSFET X 2
  • Digital soldering station
  • Solder - lead-free
  • Ethernet cable
  • micro SD cards X 2 with NOOBS
  • 12V power supply
  • Cable for 12V power supply
  • female-female jumper leads set
  • male-male jumper leads set
  • male-female jumper leads set
  • alligator jumper lead set
  • alligator to female jumper lead set
  • alligator to male jumper lead set
  • LED’s on starboards with optics
  • Current-limiting resistors for LED’s

Many thanks in advance

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Hey Andrew,

Welcome to the forum!

Yes that’s an extensive list. The only part that I haven’t seen (you may not need it depending on your setup) are micro-HDMI to HDMI cables such as that which I’ve linked below. Otherwise you should be good to go. If there’s anything that we can help you with please let us know.

Core Electronics | Support

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Thanks Bryce.

Do you think using femtobucks instead of mosfets and current-limiting resistors is feasible? I know I would need to provide more volts to the femtobucks. Would the PWM input of the femtobucks be able to switch the LED’s quickly?


Hi Andrew,

It really depends on how much power your LEDs are going to draw. The femtobucks are definitely fast (1MHz switching frequency), but it really depends on how fast you need.

Support | Core Electronics

Thanks Oliver - I’ll give the femtobucks a go.

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