Hema HX-1 Battery replacement

Hi there,

Im after a replacement LiPO battery for my Hema HX-1 GPS.

Currently it has a - NV 706590 5000mAH +3.7v 18.5WH

With approx dimensions of 90.5mm Length, 66mm Wide & 6.4mm Thick (currently 15.3mm thick with swollen battery) causing gps to pop open.

It runs 3 wires red, black & white and is soldered to internals of gps.

is your SKU: CE06796 the closest you could supply me as the SKU CE06797 may be too thick.

Kind Regards


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Hi Michael, welcome to the forum!

You’re dead right there, the 4000mAh would be the biggest you could fit and keep the original 6mm thickness. considering the current battery is swollen to 15, I’d see if you can find something small enough with the right thickness and put it in the battery compartment, and see if you can close it. Perhaps you’ll come out of this with more battery capacity!

All the best with the replacement process, let me know if you want something clarified!

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