Replace the LiPo battery in my dash-cam


I need to replace the LiPo battery in my dash-cam.

I have an issue with size.

On your website you show

Polymer Lithium Ion Battery (LiPo) 3.7V 120mAh 28x13x5mm (a bit too small)


Polymer Lithium Ion Battery (LiPo) 3.7V 400mAh 38x25x6mm (too big won’t fit)

The one I am replacing is 240mAH 25 X 20 x 6mm

please advise

I can fit two 120mAh (connected in parallel), or you may have a better idea


Hi Ray,

Might be best to run that one by the manufacturer / community of the dash cam. LiPo batteries can vary quite a bit depending on how the Power Control Module works and the like. Our batteries are designed to be used for everyday electronics projects; not drop-in replacement for consumer products.

Thanks Graham

I’ll probably get one through ebay. There are some dash-cam fans who
have shown how they successfully replaced the Lipo on YouTube. Trouble
is it takes about four weeks to deliver Lipo from China.

Originally I bought dash-cam from JayCar in Melbourne. Will pop into
one of their shops before I do any bench-work.

And by the way. That conductive yarn you delivered to me (a long time
ago now, can’t remember when) worked like magic in my electronic chess
wooden-box computer. The yarn keeps switching everyone of the 64
squares at each move without fail. Simply zero probability failure
rate. It turned out to be an incredibly innovative solution to what
had been a very difficult mechanical/electrical problem.

I had discovered the yarn from a clip on the net by a young lady in
the US. Definitely cannot remember the site. She gave some interesting
demonstrations on how the yarn can be used, and I do owe her a lot.
The solution is credit to her.

All the best


Hi Ray,
That’s definitely the best way forward, but good to hear that everything worked out with your project!

Hi Sam

Just to update.

LiPo battery 240mAH 3.7v was supplied by colourlife2015 through eBay.
Arrived in two weeks.

I have replaced the battery, and the dash-cam works fine. Battery
indicator shows full charge.

Delivery from China was much quicker than I had expected.

In case you like to take a quick look, the community instructable was here:


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Glad to hear it all worked out @ray615!

What’s next on the project whiteboard?