Hologram allowing fixed IP

Does the Hologram sim allow for fixed IP when used with the SparkFun LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT Shield - SARA-R4 (with Hologram SIM Card)?

Hi Christian,

It seems as though the Hologram Network only uses Dynamic IP addresses, A search of their forums and site seems to have almost no mention of Static IPs at all. I would recommend contacting them directly through hologram.io.



In multiple IOT projects in the past, I have run into the issue of having static IP addresses on IOT devices. I assume you would like the IP address to be fixed for monitoring or access to the device from WAN.

In the case of capable MPU or SMC endpoint device we were able to setup up a scheduled VPN connection to our own VPN server and then connect back to the devices over the VPN.

Just thought i would put that out there for consideration. Let me know if you had any additional info.


You assume correctly. I need the device to be listening for instructions given remotely.
Your suggested solution around the problem is a good one and I have considered it as a possibility if there is no other reasonable alternative. Thanks for the advice.

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@Christian50617 hope you figure it out, failing the VPN idea we have used a messaging protocol such as MQTT which has the ability to have a client rest in a listening state awaiting instructions.

Both the VPN and messaging protocol turned out to be better long term solutions as we were always battling with the telco providers over static ips, as well as them letting us connect to our devices on different ports using different services.