Hoverboard hace

Hoverboard hack using rc control
Can’t get the code of stm32

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Welcome Redhwan,

Could you please clarify what you mean? Any links and additional information is very helpful.

I’d like help me to run my project for college
I have 3 servo motor and USB camer need to run motion tracking

And hoverboard motherboard with tow motor
, remote controller need to run the rc car

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Hi Redhwan,

Given this is for college I’d get in touch with your professors to see if they can help.

I found this Repo for hacking the motherboard: GitHub - lucysrausch/hoverboard-firmware-hack: New Hoverboard Firmware Hack. Now written from scratch and generally much better.

The motion tracking would be a whole other system to implement on a Pi or similar SBC.

A project as complex as this would be a bit out of scope for the forum in my opinion as there will be lots of information that would have to be shared even to understand the scope/goals of the project.

If your supervisor allows it I’d see if there are any engineering/tech startups near you to give some insights.

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