How to add heat sink to G2 motor driver 18v25

Hi. The description of Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 states that “performance can be improved by adding a heat sink”’ but does not provide any other details. It’s not clear where and how to install a heat sink on this board looking at product photos. Can you provide more details about this.


This product has been discontinued. Acording to The Manufactoror In its Place is a Second Gen
Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 ← Your MOdle Is this WItch Is Discontinued


Pololu item #: 758
Brand: Pololu
Status: Special Order Only
This product has been discontinued.

This product has been replaced by an improved second-generation version , which can be used as a near drop-in replacement despite its much smaller size.

Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 ← the Seccessor To Your Model

Thanks. I fixed my post. The product name was copied from core-electronics product title that does not mention G2 but in product description it states that this is a G2 model. The original question still remains. Show show You bare in mind the the guy Uses huge hearsinks

I scowerd the internet an unabel to find anything about installing a Heatsink on Your device But i Have my Fingers Crossted that Sombody On this Forum can Other than that the link to the youtube i put could be a Viabel Option :slight_smile: