How to Panel-Mount a Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen

Hi All,

This is an enquiry re how to Panel-Mount a Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen (Pi Foundation PiTFT type, CE04459); I probably need to order some extra mounting hardware for it.

I’m working on a prototype instrument which will be controlled by a Raspberry Pi with Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen. I bought these from Core Electronics recently.

The concept is that the Pi with 7” touchscreen will mount on the sloping-forward top panel of an instrument case. It’s a 1.6mm-thick aluminium panel.

Yesterday I looked at how to mount the Pi 7” touchscreen on the panel of the instrument case, and realised that I probably need to order some extra mounting hardware or bezel to go behind or around the touchscreen.

I’ve looked at your PIM122 Pimoroni Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display Case, which seems a likely option if I didn’t use its legs. Using that case – with the Pi going through a suitable large hole through the panel – I could screw the Pimoroni case down to the panel by running the four M3 x 6 screws through from behind the metal panel.

Would you advise me to use this approach to panel-mount the Raspberry Pi 7” touchscreen, or would you recommend some other method?

Many thanks for your advice.


Hi Edward,

I’d agree that the PIM122 display case is the best low-profile case we have for securely holding the touchscreen but mounting that case to your instrument case will be the tricky part.

Acrylic is prone to shattering when drilled, which is why it is usually laser cut, and stacks of acrylic are typically held together with bolts running through the acrylic instead of the threads binding into the acrylic directly.

Your plan to mount through the aluminium, sandwiching the acrylic, and into the touchscreen with the threaded holes in the touchscreen itself sounds like the best approach to me.

FYI, if you did need a custom acrylic case made, we do offer laser cutting as a service.


Thanks very much for your advice Trent.

I was thinking that the acrylic part of that case would go entirely in front of the panel, with only the M3 screws going through the panel. The screws would go into the metal threads which protrude from the rear of the touchscreen, through the existing screw-holes in the back of the acrylic case.

Thus (I think) there should be no need to actually drill the acrylic. If there is any need to drill, I will be very careful.

Thanks very much for your advice. I will send you an order for a PIM122 display case.