Lighting LED Arcade Buttons. Wiring multiple Buttons

Hey team…have figured out how to light up one light. But Q on LED Arcade Buttons and wiring multiple LED buttons to light up. Have figured out that I go to back of MM and run a wire from ‘Key Output’ to Terminal on LED Button. Then I run an Earth wire between button and MM. (Key OutPut is mentioned as D14 in some YouTube Tutorials). But what if you have more than one LED Arcade Button you wish to light up??? Thanks for any thoughts.

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Can you provide some links to what you talking about ?? (YouTube Tutorials etc)
Or pics of what you have ??

It is a little hard to figure out what you are trying to do from the information in your post.
I can search on LED Arcade buttons but unsure if the links relate to what you are dealing with.


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Hey Karl,

Were you looking at the Makey Makey boards and controlling an LED when the button is pressed?
For that you will need more input/output(IO) pins.

For more buttons I would recommend a micro:bit V2, this microcontroller uses a different block based coding language and provides excellent resources to get you up to speed with microcontrollers.

Another alternative would be the Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega, the code is written in a different program and has many more IO pins, these boards are used widely across the Maker community.

Let us know how you go and if you have any more questions feel free to post them!

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Hey there Liam…thanks for prompt response. Core always reliable on this.

Have attached a tutorial that uses Makey Makey and Arcade Buttons. But not LED buttons.

In the Tutorial they wire up x 4 Arcade buttons. I can do that …no problem. But I want to know how I to run power to all x 4 buttons to get them to illuminate also.

My understanding is that separate wires run from the LED button to the Makey Makey to run the 5V current to the LED to illuminate.

I can do this with x 1 Button. But how do I do the additional x 3 buttons.

I am thinking that I might need a BREAD board?? Am I on the mark here or there is another way.