I'm looking for MP3 player which can play 4 auidio files simulanously

I’ve to create a device which can play 4 audio files parallelly. It can be played by one controller board, probably any Arduino. I’m evaluating
SparkFun MP3 Player Shield as well as MP3 Trigger. Could you please suggest the best way to do it.

A device which can play 4 audio signals/songs (4 channels) from a memory card. and send to these 4 audio signals to 4 audio channels simultaneously to a recorder.
There will be 2 sets of 4 different audio signals and user can select which set to inject to recorder.

Could you please suggest what solutions are avialable to build it quickly


Hi Rajan,

Welcome to the forum!!

Just so we’re doubly sure that we understand your project - You would like a system in place where you are able to play 4 different tracks on the same audio line at the same time? In every project there will be multiple ways to build it, other members of the community might have a faster way to do things but here’s my idea:

If you only need to be able to select one or two to be playing at once I would recommend check out this topic where Jim, Ross and Oliver take a look at the DFRobot Mini player

To make it quickly definitely grab something in stock at the moment, at the time of writing there are 6 of the DFRobot players in local stock, 3x Sparkfun Audio sheilds, NO MP3 Triggers and various Adafruit Audio triggers (Uses .WAV files, they come with and without amp’s and varying amounts of memory).

My goto dev/controller board at the moment has been the Raspberry Pi Pico, it allows you to use MicroPython which decreases development time significantly

You can check the stock of an item by typing in how many you would like into the product page, the text above will update with a live stock count :smiley:

If you need a hand with anything else let us know!


i`d bee looking around somewhere they sell d.j equipment… shure theyed have a nice unit /mixer that could play 4 streams easy


Hey Brian,

Yes, the system likely already exists as a mixing console. Are you planning to put one together from scratch for the requirements you’ve listed earlier? Or are you looking for a pre-build solution that you can buy from a store?