Most economical music player

Hi, I am building an installation that needs 25 controllers that can output music tracks (at least 5MB each) via headphones. I know I can build them using a Teensy and an Audio Shield, but 25 of them gets expensive. I don’t think the Pico can do more than 2MB. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheaper alternative?

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Hi Monica
Do you need 25 outputs from one input or one output with 25 inputs.
Cheers Bob

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1 input and output each unit, x 25. Cheers.

Hi @Monica167676

Not sure of comparable pricing but these MP3 players hold more data than your requirements, can drive a headphone directly, and can be locally controlled by a set of buttons and a resistor network. And loading music is very straightforward as they look like a USB drive to a laptop - just plug them in and copy the music across, or wipe the memory and put new stuff there.

If you need to remotely ‘master control’ them then some more thinking and design will be needed … depends on the specific control requirements. More info needed on your required use pattern.



Thanks heaps Murray, I will check this out. Seems like a good solution.