Inspirational Women Hackers & Makers

It’s International Women’s Day today! and to celebrate, I wanted to start a thread of inspirational women who have done, or are doing some amazing work in the areas of hardware, hacking and electrical engineering.

These are some of mine, please feel free to add any of your own!

Marita Cheng - Founder of Robogals
Delia Derbyshire - Electronic Music Pioneer, best known for her arrangement of the Dr. Who theme
Alex Glow -’s Hardware Nerd
Sophy Wong - Creative Technologist (Wearable Tech)


How about Limor Fried -shes definitely an inspiration to me!

oh and if we are doing electronic music pioners there’s also Laurie Anderson
and I adore this whole article: sisters with transistors
for Aussie visual artists, I nominate Priscilla Bracks for this glorious lyrebird
:framed_picture: :black_heart: :paintbrush:


oh and I just remembered I helped instal this work many years ago when I volunteered for experimental one year Sophea Lerner the glass bell


Biiig Kudo’s to Limor
I’ve had the pleasure to learn from some amazing Women working in STEM (lecturers,workshop mentors at Uni and in school) and Makerspace coordinators.


Oh! Just realised Limor Fried is LadyAda! Yes, she would be an inspiration to many.

I know her face and bright pink hair but I’m more familiar with Becky Stern who I follow on social media from when I did an e-textiles project.

Love the lyrebird! Thank you for sharing that.


Hey guys,

Great thread!

I’m a bit late, but a while ago I ran across this great “Big List of Women Makers on YouTube” that has enough content for a lifetime of consumption I’d say!

Personal favorites from that list are Simone Giertz for fun, lighthearted projects and Blondihacks for machining (a hobby I’d love to get into when funds and space allow). There’s also Billie Ruben who does some interesting 3D printing stuff and got featured on a Zac Freedman video recently.

Hope the list gets bigger!


Thank you for sharing those links!
You’re not late at all, intention was for this to be an ongoing thread that gets added to at anytime.