IOT SIM Card voltage difference


I have a comms HAT for a Raspberry Pi (bought by my colleague) that only supports 1.8V SIM cards

Then, I was making considerations to purchase an IOT SIM card, to which I haven’t obtained one yet. And now I’ve seen this Hologram Global IOT SIM card.

According to its specifications, its operating characteristics says it supports 1.6V, 3.0V and 5.0V operations.

My question will be: can a module that has a 1.8 volt SIM card slot support a 1.6 volt SIM?
Or another way of asking this: can a 1.6 Volt SIM card run in a module that only supports 1.8 Volt SIMs?
Does a difference of 0.2 Volts matter?

On a side note, is anyone here using Telstra IOT SIM cards? Are they rated at 1.8 Volts?

Hey Yi,

I have had a further look into the Hologram SIM and it seems that it should be perfectly fine to use with the NB-IoT / Cat-M(eMTC) / GNSS HAT for Raspberry Pi. The Hologram sim can be used within a range of 1.6V to 5.5V without issue.

As for the Telstra SIM cards, from what I can tell, they have a range of cards that are meant to work for a range of devices, it may be best to get in touch with their customer support to ensure they have something compatible.