Is there such a thing as a HDMI on/off switch to plug into a HDMI port in line with a HDMI cable?

Scenario is: I have a laptop with HDMI running around room to TV. Watching Kayo or Disney through laptop web login, slide tab with either of these on over to TV. If I want to watch video on laptop and some one else wants to watch the TV, I need to unplug HDMI so audio from laptop doesn’t interfere with TV. Eventually this will wear out laptop HDMI port. I have tried a two input HDMI switch with push button leaving one input open however the electronics are detected by Disney and no video is transmitted.

So, is there a simple male in/ female out, on/off HDMI switch that I can plug inline to the cable? Just flip a switch and HDMI communication is off.

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Hi Cameron,

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I haven’t come across anything, but there is a lot of gimmicky bits and bobs around on Amazon, if you switch the HDMI and then change the audio source in your computer does that move the audio back to your laptop?

PS: if you get an extension for the HDMI port on your laptop and use it kind of like a sacrificial port that might also work?