L Band Antenna for my SDR

I built an L Band antenna for my SDR. Yet to get on top of downloading satellite data yet.
But it seems to work well, I am getting signal.

Parts (not many).
Copper Foil Sheet with Conductive Adhesive - 12 x12 Sheet
SKU: ADA4607

MCX Jack to SMA RF Cable Adapter
SKU: ADA1532

SMA Connector
SKU: WRL-00593

Made it up from a youtube video. Built a little balsa wood frame and put the copper foil over it to the correct dimensions. Crude but seemingly effective. It looks a bit wrinkly but the foil is reasonably thick. Seems to be getting signal.


Hi Peter,

Thats super neat!! I’ve left any RF stuff up to dedicate modules that handle any delicate signals, cant wait to hear how you go getting data.

And I be curious to see what the frequency response is :smiley:

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Hi All

And I would be equally keen to see how the home hobbyist measures this.
Cheers Bob


Hi Bob,

If only a VNA was cheaper/more accessible ahaha, definitely a specialist bit of kit though.

Was more out of curiosity and the fact that Peters antenna is sooooo interesting awesome - no way there’s a datasheet, but compensates with the :sunglasses: factor