Large Inductive Coil and 10 Wireless LED Kit - 24V (ADA5141)

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Adding LEDs to anything makes it 5x better – its a scientific fact! But when you have LEDs, you've got wires and power supplies and all that stuff is…

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Hi, what size are the LED’s in the Large Inductive Coil and 10 Wireless LED Kit -24v?


Hi Dean,

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I’ve grabbed a kit off the shelf and measured some LEDs from it. I make the LEDs to be around 6.5mm x 6mm. I’ll have the dimensions added to the product page.

EDIT: I noticed the dimensions listed in the description of Small Inductive Wireless LEDs - 10 Pack - Blue were quite a bit smaller than the LEDs from the coil kit, so I measured them too. It seems there’s a bit of variation between each LED, but they’re all smaller than 8mm x 6mm

They are quite a lot smaller than the coil in the kit, this photo shows the scale the best.

First I measured one from the coil kit

Then two from the blue 10 pack

The summary is they are all very small, but sizes do vary a bit so best to check before you integrate them into something with strict tolerances.

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What do I need to power the large inductive coil that goes with the wireless leds? Some kind of battery pack?

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Hi Amanda, Welcome to the forum!!

While Adafruit don’t specify a current requirement, our 24V 1A appliance plug pack should work well:

If you’re looking for something battery-powered, let us know, but keep in mind that 24V systems are usually big lead-acids, or dangerous 6S LiPos, or inefficient boost converters, so it adds a good deal of complexity over just the plug pack I linked.

Let me know if you need any more info :slight_smile: