LED module replacement

Looking to replace a faulty LED module in an exterior up/down wall light. It had some water ingress which now makes the LED modules fade and blink. It is a Mercator Ethan Square Up Down Light with 2 X 5W LED’s . See it on Ebay here. I have a picture of the LED module, but its 4 LED’s set out in a square pattern with 2 soldering points linked to the driver. Anything that’s similar and 5W would probably suit, but I’m just guessing. the circuit board the LED’s are mounted on is about 25mm square.

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Hi Mark,

We don’t stock too many high-power LEDs like you’d find in your downlights, most of our range is focused on RGB LEDs.

These 3W LEDs are probably the closest thing in our range but they won’t be a drop in replacement, you’d also need to confirm what kind of driver is in your lights and if they are being fed by a constant voltage or constant current driver.

For the price of the downlight, it might be better to just order a new downlight and try and upgrade it for better water ingress protection.


Yes, I think that would be the way to go. Back to Ebay…