Looking for a part replacement

Hi all. I’m looking for a replacement part for a Coredy R750-W vacuum robot. The wire has snapped inside one of the wheels and I am looking for a replacement connector. I believe the part is either a JST GH 1.25mm or a Molex Picoblade 5 pin. I can’t find any specifications on the Coredy website and have not yet got a response from them. Many thanks.

Hi Pruds,

Welcome to the forum! Identifying connectors can be quite a tricky task. We have a exhaustive guide available on the subject.

I’ve done a bit of digging and also haven’t been too lucky but I have found this replacement cable available on Ali Express.

This cable does appear to have some odd connections on the other end as well that are hard to identify.

Hopefully this helps.

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Hey Jack. Thanks for your help and for finding that part.