Looking for info on compatibility of the Waveshare E-Paper-IT8951-Driver-HAT and Raspberry Pi Pico W

Hi, I’ve got a waveshare 7.8" e-ink display connected to E-Paper-IT8951-Driver-HAT. I’d like to connect it to my raspberry pi pico W to update wirelessly.

I haven’t had much success in finding information on compatibility / mapping - has anyone does this successfully or know of availability resources I could look in to?


Hi @Rob211358 - welcome to the forums

After some light research I’m having trouble finding the items you’re referring to - do you think you could post some links to help us get started?


Hey Rob,
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From what I can see in the documentation for the IT8951 Driver HAT, it requires a 5V power input that the Pico just doesn’t have the capability to provide. My suggestion would be to upgrade to a simple Raspberry Pi Zero W as that would solve all of the issues for power requirements. I also found a Python 3 library for that HAT that may be of some use to you also.



Thanks Blayden - Raspberry Pi Zero W it is!

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