Lulzbot mini 2 dropping power

Hi everyone,
I’ve has my Lulzbot mini 2 for a number of months and it’s been printing great. A few days ago it started dropping power (I think). The fans stop and the LED screen restarts. The fans then restart. It repeatedly happens every 30 secs to 2 minutes. I bought an APC UPS yesterday in case the power supply to my house was spiking/dipping but it didn’t help.
Any help would be much appreciated. I have contacted Lulzbot via email but they’re not likely to get back to me until next week.
Thank you in advance

Hey @Darren51831,

Hmm, that does sound quite unusual. I was going to suggest contacting Lulzbot directly(You beat me to it) as this is an issue we have not encountered before.

Sounds like the printer is continuously restarting, and trying to initialise, failing, so restarting.

Check all the cable connections to the motors extruder, heater, limit switches, and so forth. Make sure nothing has managed to vibrate loose.

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My guess is one of the Polyfuses will be tripping, though will get you back on track.