Blank LCD and no USB connectivity on our new TAZ6

Just having finished a print the LCD screen went blank (the power switch was still lit). after restarting there was still no LCD screen and I could not connect via usb either. Just wondering what might cause this and how to fix it.

Hi Jason,

Hmm, haven’t heard that one before, sounds like it could be a hardware issue. I’d email Lulzbot directly and they’ll be able to provide the path of least resistance for getting your printer back on track. Shoot us an email with their reply (on our contact us page) and we’ll be able to help out with their solution.

Hi Sam,

Here is Lulzbot’s response – worked a treat and I have new fuses on order

Thanks for you help :blush:


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Glad to hear in Jason. For things like that, going directly to Lulzbot is definitely the quickest way to go. Let us know how your prints go!

Hi Jason,

I have just had the same issue occur with my printer. I have only started using it. What instructions did Luzbot give you to fix the issue?



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