Mac OS Ventura update breaks compatibility with Pi Pico, Micro:bit, and others

Just a little PSA in case anybody was using a desktop Mac and hasn’t yet committed to the Ventura update. The recent update means that when you load a U2F file onto a volume it throws an error.
kPOSIXErrorENOATTR ("Attribute not found")
This means that microcontrollers including the Pi Pico, Micro:bit and others using the U2F format for code updates can’t be updated using the Finder App in Mac OS. If you haven’t already updated, maybe hold off until is fixed.

If you have already updated, there are some workarounds.
Press and hold the BOOTSEL button then plug the board into your computer as normal.
Now you’ll need to open a Terminal, and navigate to the directory with your UF2 file, then enter:

$ cp -X blink.uf2 /Volumes/RPI-RP2/

This will throw another error related to the volume not being ejected properly but will upload the code.

The lovely people at Raspberry Pi have written about the issue, additional workaround methods, and what’s going to need to happen to resolve the issue in greater detail in the article linked below.