Mainboard 16 pin VGA socket, has anyone seen this before?

Hey All

I am looking for a very particular VGA cable that will fit this 16pin VGA socket on an Iomega PX4-300D NAS, see image via Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

This is what I believe i’m looking for but I’m having issues finding a local supplier

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Den

Neither of these 2 connectors. It that link the black one is a 16 pin IDC connector designed for flat cables and you will ntice a polarising key half way down the side… The blue one is a high density sub D type commonly called a “VGA connector” but properly designated as DE15, actually 15 pins in a 9 pin housing (hence high density description) the orientation keying being provided by the “D” shape.

A brouse on Element 14 or RS Components web sites would probably find your connector, note the polarising points are on the ends.
Cheers Bob

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Hi Robert

Thanks for your reply, i’m not even sure what to search for given your reply

Hi Den,

Sites like E14 or RS work on parametric search. So you can find the category that most suits your part, then progressively narrow down on the part that suits. I had a crack at this for your connector:

There’s no guarantee a manufacturer has supplied a distributor with all the info though, so there is such a thing as too narrow a search.

The board designers were likely free to pick whatever pinout they wanted for that connector, how did that board previously work? I.e do you have a broken cable or something?

Are those pins spring mounted? If so, it is for flexible strip, not ribbon. A strip has exposed pads that press against the pins using a clip. If so it would be called a Male-on-Board connector.
# Male-on-Board

Do you have the cable that came out of it? Is there a manufacturer mark or name on the side? Have you measured the pin spacing?

If the pins are rigidly mounted through to the PCB then it’s probably an IDC connector, Each manufacturer will have their own variation of housing. Here’s an example that might be helpful for search terms.ürth-elektronik/61201621621/2060591
Milli-Grid Connectors | Molex

There are some interesting comments here (if you ignore the sniping).
(1) are you guys familiar with this connector? : AskElectronics (

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Reddit seems to have found the right answer. Looks like a match to me.

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So I’ll let everyone in on a little secret… I know very little about building cables

This doesn’t look like the connector I need as mine is a 16pin, this looks like a 20pin

Would you know if I can buy the cable off the shelf somewhere ?

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The 20-pin is just a type example. The data sheet lists 10-pin to 50-pin, including 16-pin. So if it’s the right one your part number would be CI1116SD0010-NH. It’s very unlikely you would find a cable already made up, other than as a manufacturer’s spare part. However, if it is a IDC connector on standard spacing then it is possible to make it up from components using a small vice and some careful manipulation.

Hi Den
As a matter of interest, what is the pin pitch. That is just as important as the number of pins.
Cheers Bob

Hi Robert

I really don’t know, but it seems finding a already made cable is a pipe dream

Hi Den
Not rocket science. You could measure it. The pitch is the distance between pin centres. Or possibly an easier way is from one side (left or right) of one pin to the same side of an adjacent pin.

You could be right unless going back to the manufacturer is an option. What happened to the original cable. Someone get a bit rough?
Cheers Bob

Hi Robert

The cable never came with the NAS, I assume it’s used by the manufacturer during the build / troubleshooting / RMA process.

I’ll take the unit apart and see if I can get some measurements

Thanks mate

Hi Den

That seems strange. I find it hard to believe a company would produce a product using a connector with no information provided or indeed an adaptor cable to some sort of “standard” such as your VGA 15 pin D unit. The video is obviously VGA as that is what is marked on the board.

Personally I would push the NAS supplier as you would rightly expect to be able to use this thing “out of the box” and you would expect to be able to plug a VGA monitor into it without looking for an obscure adaptor of some description.
Best of luck
Cheers Bob

The NAS was never sold or advertised has having a VGA port, the port on the main board was identified and my expectation was that a cable would be available to get VGA output from the NAS

I would like to get VGA output for the sole reason of getting access to the BIOS

Iomega is defunked, it’s a dead-end