Micro USB/USB dual drive - direct storage for Pi Zero?

Does anyone know if this kind of USB device will work as storage directly on the Pi Zero? I mean to plug the OTG Micro USB end of the USB stick into the OTG Micro USB port of the Pi. These dual drives are marketed for phone use, but since it’s an OTG Micro USB device, I’m wondering if it will work on the Pi Zero as well.

I know it’s quite a specific question, so any thoughts and ideas welcome.

The intention is to minimise any cables and adapters on the Pi. I’m looking for a storage option for a DLNA media server while keeping it as compact as possible.

I’m looking at something like this:

Thanks for reading !

Hi Cheese,

Yes, should work fine. The communication protocol for the micro USB or normal USB is the same, its just through a different connector, so you should be fine with those drives. Also, you can just purchase an adapter to work with normal usbs: https://core-electronics.com.au/micro-usb-otg-host-cable-for-raspberry-pi-zero.html