Raspberry Pi Zero W not booting when USB adapter plugged in

It boots fine when the adapter isn’t plugged in and plugging in the adapter turns it off. I’ve tried attaching the adapter to a powered USB hub but with no luck. I’m thinking the micro usb to female usb adapter is faulty/the issue. I purchased the Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit…

Hi @Benjamin48569,

You can only power the PiZ from the micro-USB labeled for power. Connecting the PiZ to a powered hub / another power source via the OTG won’t end well. It will freeze, crash and generally behave poorly.

Is that what’s going on here?

Nope, I’m attaching the supplied power pack to the micro-USB power input. That works fine, the Pi boots up and when connected to a screen via HDMI everything seems to be running normally. However when the OTG is attached to the data micro-USB port the Pi turns off, and it won’t boot if the OTG is already plugged in.

Hi @Benjamin48569,

Thanks for clarifying. One more Q - is anything connected to the Type-A side of the OTG adapter?

The same result occurs both when I have nothing connected to the OTG and when I have something (a wireless mouse/keyboard receiver) connected.

Thanks for that intel @Benjamin48569. Ok, so it would appear to be either the OTG Adaptor, or the PiZ itself. Did you have way to isolate what side of the fence this might be on?

If not, the Pi Zero limit of one per order resets every 3-4 days. Perhaps snag another as you are going to find good use for it in the future, and you can then do some split testing to further understand what’s going on.

Keep us posted!

Well when I connect a different micro-usb input it doesn’t have the effect of shutting the pi down, but I guess I’d need to test it with another OTG cable and/or pi. Free shipping at the very least?

Hi @Benjamin48569,

If you don’t beleive you’re ever going to need another RPiZ (which is just outrageous hehe) then perhaps hit reply to your order confirmation email and we’ll just send you another OTG adapter in good faith that it’ll help you with your fault finding,

Let me know how you get on afterwards, whatever the scenario!

Alright, I’ll grab another Z and see if that’s where the fault is. I’ll respond again once I’ve identified the issue.

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It is leaning to the OTG cable, there is no denying that. I am approaching this from the perspective of best outcome for you - I personally would prefer two serviceable RPiZ knowing with certainty have a dud OTG, as apposed to two serviceable OTG cables and one dud PiZ…

Hi Graham,

Just tested the new board and having the same issue, so looks like it’s the OTG cable which is the problem.

Well, at least it’s only an OTG cable that is the issue. Hit reply on your order confirmation and we can go from there.

I received the new OTG cable and am still having the same issue. There was one instance where the pi started to boot with the OTG and a wired mouse attached but it switched off after about 5 seconds or so. Could it be a power issue? I’m sort of at a loss to explain it.

Hi Ben,

To confirm. nothing is connected to the OTG cable?

If so, the only variables left are the uSD, and the software on it. Perhaps download a fresh copy of NOOBS and set it up as detailed here

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Worth noting that I am assuming because the Pi Zero works without the OTG connector fitted, that the power supply, USB cable and HDMI are serviceable.