Microcontroller for automotive applications

Hi there!

I am wondering how best to select a micro controller for my current project. The controller would need to satisfy the following:

  • Ability to measure current from 200A shunt (50-75mV).
  • Be powered from vehicle charging system (12-24v).
  • Ability to retain a small amount of storage for persistent values.
  • Ability for BLE advertisements

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t think you’ll find any MCU supporting this range of input voltage directly. You have to work on stepping down the voltage.

Automotive and Marine environments are very harsh to delicate microcontrollers. Most hobbyist devices are unsuited to these environments without significant protection. Manufacturers make chips for these environments that have built in protection. But, having said that …

There are switch mode power supplies with 24V to 12V input and 5VDC output, suitable to power microcontrollers, laptops, phones etc; sealed against moisture for marine environments. Avoid the cigarette lighter USB devices, they are pretty basic and have little protection.

Most microcontrollers available through Core Electronics could be programmed to do what you want. It depends on how much programming and electronics experience you have. Input/Outputs would need protection, possibly using opto isolators. The one I have been using recently is the Raspberry Pi Pico W. It is easy to use and program using Thonny & Micropython, has memory storage and WiFi. Bluetooth is yet to be implemented in Micropython. Might be worth a look.


EDIT: Microcontroller for automotive applications. Try a Google search of Microcontroller automotive, many available and the cost is interesting.