Microfogger /smoke machine

Small (maybe vape sized 3 to 5 volts) smoke/fog machine for film shoot.
Have seen these done in pumpkins for halloween, however rather have a switch on and off.
also with leds for glowing colours.
Have looked at dry ice options and seen glycierine? heated to create smoke as well.
has anybody made these?
a microfogger is like $150 with a long shipment time

cheers ian


Hi Ian,

Welcome! Core dont stock any per sey but I’ve see ultrasonic piezo humidifiers that can generate a small amount of mist.


You can check this out: Battery Powered Fog Machine : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Hi Ian,

While repurposing an e-cigarette may work if you just want a huge plume of fog for a brief moment they aren’t able to run continuously.

I think Liam’s on the money with the ultrasonic piezo devices. They are often also called ultrasonic nebulizers and they’re used in some basic medical devices. Element 14 stocks a 12V unit with an extensive datasheet as it’s intended for use in medical devices, but you could probably find the same thing off Aliexpress for a lower price without all the medical use certifications.
Here’s the datasheet if you were interested


I just bought an ultrasonic fogger from ebay which came quickly - LED Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger Water Fountain Pond Atomizer Air Humidifier | eBay
It worked well in a pumpkin for Halloween. I added an old 80mm PC case fan running at 5v to waft the fog out of the mouth and used an old bike light to get an eerie red glow. The ebay one I linked above has no options to control the leds which pulse through a preset pattern of colours.


Hi John,

That’s the kind of fogger I was thinking of seems they get sold under a dozen different names!

Do you have a photo of your pumpkin in action so we can get an idea of how much fog it puts out?

Not a lot of fog in comparison to something like dry ice.


True but it would be considerably easier to maintain and run for longer periods of time.