Migration from Pi3B to Pi4

Can someone please advise me the best way to migrate all of the setup, files, apps etc from my Pi3B to my new Pi4. I understand that the 3B OS is different to that of the Pi4 so it’s not just a move the card job!!


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You should be able to literally move the card to the Pi4 and it all work the same.
The only downside is that the Pi3 was probably running 32bit OS and the Pi4 64bit, but that would only be an issue in specific circumstances.
You should do an update on the Pi3 before moving the card though.

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Hi Toni,

Andrew is dead right there, the Pi Foundation have put a crazy amount of effort into back compatibility where possible. There are a few small changes to the hardware that may mean certain low-level apps work differently (I believe the UART hardware is a bit different) but you’re unlikely to run into anything.

What were you using your Pi for? That might reveal areas where it might differ.

Hi James
Thanks for your quick response

The Pi is the brains behind a model rail layout. The JMRI software on the Pi controls the movement of rolling stock as well as points, block sensors etc.
It uses a number of Arduinos and the whole operation is wireless accessed via a local network.

Hope that explains it.

I’ll give it a go.

Thank you both


Sounds like it is an important integral part of your complicated setup.
Definietly give it a go by shitting it down and replacing the Pi, but I have to ask, why replace the Pi3?
Is there a good reason to?
ie are you chasing more speed or any other reason to replace the Pi3 other than the Pi4 is newer?

Usually if you have something working in a complicated setup like it sounds like you have, you leave it alone without a really good reason to change it.
I have a couple of systems like this.
Sure I could replace the Pi3’s with Pi4’s, but I dont actually have a need for it.

As a heads up, you are periodically backing up the Pi3 disk image arent you?
Pi SD cards can and do dies regularly, and there is nothing worse that losing your entire project to a dodgy SD card.

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