Wolverine Claws every kid dreams of!

The Myoware muscle sensing wearables are a great way to add human interactivity to your next project. You’ll be able to sense the muscle activity between the stick-on EMG pads then read that as a voltage using your favorite microcontroller. 

The premise of the entire system is:

"When your brain tells your muscle to flex, it sends an electrical signal to your muscle to start recruiting motor units (the bundles of muscle fibers that generate the force behind your muscles). 

The harder you flex, the more motor units are recruited to generate greater muscle force. The greater the number of motor units, the more the electrical activity of your muscle increases. The MyoWare will analyze this electrical activity and output an analog signal that represents how hard the muscle is being flexed. “

It’s an awesome tech and the guys over at Advancer Technologies, who created the MyoWare technology, have made an awesome project that perfectly demonstrates why you need to use these in a project! Check it out below.

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So flipping cool! @Aidan

Thanks @Sam! Maybe we should make a few?

Yep, some flexible, translucent filament would be rad!