Oven Cook top new knobs

I want to use a pico wifi to make a new knob for my cook top
The knobs just controls the temperature of the hotplates
At the moment I want to start with 1 pico knob heating 1 hot plate

I eventually basically need a new switch board with 4 knobs, 2 knobs can turn both directions to allow a combination of up to 6 burners at once.
I have the old swich board connected to a 240 plug.

The end knob that is burnt out has a white whire going to the hot plate. I believe the 6 hot plates is powered by 7 white wires and 240 wires.

Hi Matthew,

Regretfully, since this project involves voltages higher than ELV, the staff at Core can’t advise on it at all (we don’t possess the required certifications).

Make sure you hire a qualified professional if you don’t have the qualifications yourself, or stick to the ADRs if you do.

One of my colleagues has suggested keeping your Pico things on the “user” side of the panel and driving the knobs with servos. Let me know if that sounds acceptable to you, as we’re able to give advice to that end as long as it’s all user-side.

All the best with your project!