Pi Video Looper on a 4 inch Wavescreen screen is squishing the video. Anyone know why or how to fix?

I have the pi video looper from the Core Electronics tutorial set up on my pi zero, and have that connected to a Waveshare 4inch screen. The video plays and loops just fine, but the video is squished on one axis no matter how I orient the screen. The desktop screen so plays perfectly, and even the opening “insert usb drive with compatible movies” displays correctly and not squished. Can anyone help me understand the problem and how to fix it? Thank you!


Hi Kendra, welcome to the forum!

no matter how I orient the screen

Could you post a photo of how it looks when reoriented by 90 degrees? That might give us some clues.

Could you also post a link to the video you’re trying to play? That might help us work out where the black bars are coming from.

Keen to get to the bottom of this one!

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Hi James. Thank you SO much for your reply.

I changed the orientation of the display using the following (which are instructions from the display itself):

cd LCD-show/

sudo ./LCD4-800x480-show 90

It successfully rotates the display, and fills the vertical axis, but once again squishes the horizontal axis

I’ve also tested other videos that are similar, and have previously worked properly on every other display (tv, media players connected to projectors, etc).

I don’t currently have the video uploaded online anywhere, but it’s just a test video that I made the dimensions 800 x 480 and it should look like this when displayed:

Here are the sequence settings:

Thank you in advance for your help with this!

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Hi Kendra,

Try modifying your video_looper.ini file and change scale = true (near the bottom) to scale = false

What orientation does the text before the video appear in? Maybe you’ll need to rotate the video in your video editor rather than however you’re doing it at the moment.

What method are you using to change the screen orientation?

I think we’re getting closer!

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Hi James. Thanks again for the reply! The text with the countdown always appears in the correct orientation based on how I have it set (though when it’s in the vertical orientation, the text gets cut off, but that part I don’t mind).

To change the orientation, I’m using the following which is in the manual for the waveshare screen:

cd LCD-show/

sudo ./LCD4-800x480-show 90

(Or, I use show 180 to make it horizontal)

I changed the scale to = false and it made no difference unfortunately

I tested the video still in the vertical orientation and it looked exactly the same (squished on the video’s horizontal axis). So I changed the display’s orientation back to horizontal and it still looked the same as before. Like this:

So, next, as you suggested, I exported the file as a vertical file, with my image rotated like this

I kept the screen orientation as horizontal and it displayed like this

Then using that same video, I changed the orientation to vertical and it looks like this

So the video always displays in the orientation I want it to, it’s just no matter the orientation of the screen or the way I export the video, the horizontal axis of my video is always squished.

Any more ideas??