Pi zero w not seeing 5g wifi

I have recently recieved 5G wifi.
My pi zero w was recieving this as well as the 2.4g with the wifi symbol on desktop indicating full reception.
I made some adjustments to the system and have lost 5g reception after reboot.
I since reinstall raspbian stretch on a reformated sd card but 5g hasnt appeared in the wifi and the
2.4 g is very weak, just the circle of the wifi icon being filled.
Ive updated the system but still no 5g.
Little help?

Hi Chris,

The Pi zero w does not support 5g wifi, the only Pi I know of that can is the 3B+. You may need to upgrade the pi or get a 5ghz wifi dongle.

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Thanks for the info Clinton.

Not sure if this is correct. All the wifi signals are weak. Only if i place the pi zero right next to wifi router i get a full signal.
Im was getting a much better signal before.

There could be a few reasons for the weak signal if it is in a metal case that can have an effect, another thing could be there are a lot of Wi-Fi networks on similar bands around you. It might be worth grabbing a wi-fi analyzer and having a look at how crowded the band you are on is.

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Thanx will do.

I ordered a new pi zero w. Comparing the new to old I discovered one of the very small wifi arial pins was missing from the first pi zero i had purchased. This was why i was recieving such poor wifi reception on the pi i purchased first.
Unfortunately i the pi zero with the missing pin is no longer working.