Pi4B crashing every boot

Not an expert.
Have 3 Pi4Bs.One is now crashing every boot after colour splash screen.
Locks in text screen “kernal panic-not syncing:Asynchronous SError Interrupt”.
same with different sd cards.
This seams to be a hardware problem? Fixable? If so how?

If the same uSD and PSU boots another RPi of the same model, then the fault is likely with the non-functional Pi.

Regarding repair, that doesn’t seem likely, as it sounds like an issue with the CPU.

Not knowing the device’s history, I guess it’s possible that GPIO usage could have led to damage to the main chipset at some stage. RPi’s are quite reliable and inexpensive, so I wouldn’t let this failed unit get the better of more tinkering.


Used only as media (Youtube) server for the last couple of years. No GPIO or other hardware misuse likely.

I expected it would be a non repairable issue but worth asking.

Thanks for prompt response.