Raspberry Pi 4 Model B suddenly stopped booting

I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB and got it last month. I’ve set it up with Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and everything was working fine until one day it stopped booting. I would unplug and replug to start it and after several tries, it will boot but after a while the display gets corrupted and I’ll start all over again. I looked up for potential causes and it was suggested that it could be because the MicroSD card is corrupted. I plugged the MicroSD card on my laptop and it works fine though. Just to be sure, I bought another MicroSD card but still getting the same behaviour. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this or my Raspberry PI faulty?


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Hi Francis,

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It’s odd that a Pi would work sometimes after multiple attempts to boot it but not consistently each time. Typically if your Pi won’t boot, that’s it, retrying won’t give a different result.

When your Raspberry Pi does get shut down do you usually use the shutdown commands to make sure it shutdowns gracefully or does your setup just cut the power? If your Pi is regularly being cut off from the power it can increase the rate of SD card corruption.

If you have a multimeter handy it might be helpful to measure the GPIO pins to see what your 5.1V and 3.3V rail are measuring. Something as intermittent as this makes me think it could be power supply related. What power supply do you use?

I doubt that my issue matches yours, however, I found that the silver cover of the SD card was quite weak on mine and that the solder joins on the outside edge of the Pi had come off, not holding the SD card in properly.
This caused it to intermittently boot, and sometimes fail while running as the SD card was basically losing contact with the connectors.
I re-soldered it on and it’s sorta been working OK, but it has let go again and re-soldered again.

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