Picade Joystick not working correctly

Hi All, I put together my picade last night and everything works fine apart from the “right” function on the joystick. I have tested the same cable to other functions such as left and up and it works fine so I can’t help but think that it might actually be the joystick itself. Any thoughts? It’s for my sons birthday next Tuesday so please help!

Hi Darryn,

Sorry to hear you’ve run into issues! Just to clarify have you done this (or something similar):

  1. Tested with a multimeter the functionality of the right joystick switch (if not, then go on to methods 2 & 3 below)
  2. Connected “joystick right” to “picade up” and checked if you can get a key press
  3. Connected “joystick up” to “picade right” and checked if you can get a key press

I know you’ve done at least either method 2 or 3; just breaking this down to get clarity. Both methods are intrinsically different and will isolate if this is a joystick or picade PCB issue. While both devices are incredibly solid; given the joystick is a very straight forward mechanical device this is more likely in my experience going to be a PCB issue as there are more vectors for issues.

Hi All, After a bit more investigation I learned that the final serial link on my earth cable was faulty. As soon as I replaced this it all work fine now. Thank for your help!

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That’s great to hear Darryn! Have fun with all the retro gaming!