8Bitdo SF30 pro not working properly

I recently had to set this controller up again as I had to format and reinstall a retropie image. I followed the steps in the guide here exactly to do so but I have encountered a couple of errors.

Firstly during mapping of the controller in emulation station for some reason it will not recognize either the left or right trigger buttons and I am forced to skip these buttons. I know that these buttons were functioning fine until the reinstall of the operating system.

Secondly in none of the emulators, apart from mame4all where I had to go into the setup and manually configure the joystick directions will either the left or right analog stick work. the direction pad works fine in these emulators but apart from mame4all as I mentioned, nothing happens when I try to use the analog sticks in them.

Hi Matthew,

I got to this question in our live stream yesterday. Though I see I’ve missed an important part - it would be best to ensure the controller is set to the default mode for power-up (refer to the piece of paper that came with the box, it has the button shortcuts to change what mode the controller boots with).

I hope this helps!