PiicoDev Adapter for Raspberry Pi GPIO terminals

Hi All,

I need some guidance on connecting a PiicoDev Adapter for Raspberry Pi and a 5V 4 Channel Relay Module 10A to the same PI3 model B.

PiicoDev Adapter for Raspberry Pi will control:

  • PiicoDev Laser Distance Sensor VL53L1X
  • PiicoDev Atmospheric Sensor BME280
  • PiicoDev Ambient Light Sensor VEML6030
  • PiicoDev Buzzer Module

5V 4 Channel Relay Module 10A will control 3 Amphibious Horizontal Submersible Pump.

Just wondering if sufficient GPIO terminals will be available to run the relay module once the PiicoDev Adapter is connected. I need 3 GPIO terminals to control 3 relays and 1 GPIO terminal for a soil moisture sensors.




Hi Fu,

Thankfully, our Piicodev adapter for Raspberry pi breaks out a good deal of the GPIO from the Pi, in a row on the PCB:

You should have more than enough there to do what you’re after, as the I2C lines used in Piicodev only take up pin D2 and D3 (SCA and SCL)

Let me know if you need anything more cleared up!

P.S. what soil sensor are you using? The Pi doesn’t have any ADCs, so it’s got to have a digital interface of some kind or a built in ADC.


Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply, been very busy clearing the deck before the holidays.

I want to connect Gravity: I2C ADS1115 16-Bit ADC so I can use the Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor- Corrosion Resistant.

As the PiicoDevs are already using the SCL and SDA, can I connect the I2C ADS1115 16-Bit ADC to the PiicoDev using the PiicoDev Cable?




Here is a picture of the project so far.

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Electrically it shouldn’t be an issue (just watch out for address conflicts, and don’t forget to cut the pull-up resistors). One of these should get you out of trouble, as that module from DFRobot has the I2C pins broken out to male headers:

It looks like it’s coming together so far! :slight_smile:

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Hi Oliver, could you please give me more details about the pull resistor? Sorry I am not sure about this step.

Furthermore where could I find more information on getting the I2C ADS1115 16-Bit ADC working with the Pi.



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Hi Fusun,

Checkout this section of the Piicodev connector guide:

Sparkfun have some good articles too:

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