PiicoDev Adapter for Raspberry Pi (CE07690)

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The PiicoDev® Adapter for Raspberry Pi is a great way to connect sensors to your Raspberry Pi without soldering.

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Can you use this on the Pi Zero?

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You can use the PiicoDev adaptor for all the 40-pin variants of the Raspberry Pi.
On the Pi Zero just be sure that the end marked 40 lines up with the camera connector end of the Pi Zero. There is nothing to prevent you from connecting it backwards, but it will be pretty obvious if it is backwards, the adaptor should sit over top of the Pi Zero, not hang over the edge.


Does any one have a scematic for the wirring of the PiicoDev Adapter for Raspberry Pi

Here is the schematic from the product page:

The PiicoDev connector is wired to the default I2C bus, and there are a couple in parallel connected to the same pins.

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Can non PiicoDev devices be used with this adapter? For instance, the Adafruit 16-Bit ADC (ADA1085)?