PiicoDev Adapter for Pi Zero?

this may be obvious but I thought I’d check anyway. Does the Raspberry Pi PiicoDev Adapter also work on the Pi Zero ?


Hey Allan,

Yes. The pinouts for all the Pis are the same (with the exception of the early ones which only had 26 pins).


Thank you very much for that response.
The plan at the moment is to use the PiicoDev Platform for Rasberry Pi along with the following modules:

  1. atmospheric sensor,
  2. precision temperature sensor,
  3. display module.

All up bill for less than $200. By the time it’s finished, I should have a good idea was required to do the next stage…

Then using a collection of Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W ($23) fitted with various combinations of the above 3 modules, basically instrument my house for a total of a further $300 or so.

And with the Pi acting as the access point, data storage, and decisionmaker, interface to the KNX to open and close windows.

This will probably take me about a year or so (!) By which time Core would have added soil moisture and 24 V relay modules for the watering system.

(Cannot believe the scope and complexity of the technology that is available for an incredibly low dollar amount.)

It’s a plan.


Hi Allan,

This sounds like a great project, please share your build progress with us on the forum as you go!