PiJuice + Waveshare 4G

Is it possible to stack the PiJuice and Waveshare 4G HATs?
I think the Juice only uses a couple of pins but unsure if they clash with the 4G.

Been looking at the best way to have a Linux router working as a hotspot over 4g.
Running a Pi as an AP seems fairly easy, and I’d also be able to run it as a portable bridge.

Was originally considering a separate 4G dongle, and a power bank. But to have it all in one would be ideal. Not sure what sort of case I’d need to fit it though.

Thanks in advance!

rpi-boards are made to be stack-able there fore if the current is compatible "which would have to be worked out then for what time span of battery life…and the code is correc,t then it seems silly that they shouldn’t
work together.that is the whole point of having stack-able type computers like the rpi boards.just your battery life at the calculated current…never fully discharge a battery…it destroys them…

Hi Chmod (cool name!),

Here’s a list of pins the 4G HAT uses (straight from the product page:

And here’s a diagram from the ever-useful pinout.xyz as to which pins the pijuice uses to communicate:

You can see that they don’t conflict :slight_smile:
Hope this sorts you out!


Thanks for clearing that up! I had hoped the 4G would be on pinout as well.

Looks like I can script a safe shutdown off power state. Might mount one of these in the car with a touchscreen, and give myself a needlessly powerful car computer :smiley:

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In my opinion, it is still better to use correctly configured programs than to later solve the consequences of incorrect work without customizing it for the tasks you need.

Hi Kay,

What do you mean by this? There’s nothing wrong with DIYing a solution to a problem if you think you’re up to the task and you’re willing to accept some challanges along the way.

Keen to see what you have to say!

I mean, maybe it’s not worth redesigning a device if you don’t have the skills to do it?

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Hey Kay,

That’s half the fun of a project! Learning in the nitty-gritty and making compromises as you learn. In an engineering context, there are definitely factors where someone’s life could be on the line or a lot of money, thankfully in the maker scale you will be dealing with low voltages, and a relatively low entry cost (unfortunately some projects can get quite costly). LiPo’s can sometimes but with a BMS those are greatly reduced.

chmods’ project sounds amazing and I’d certainly love to see it in action!


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Hi Liam!

Perhaps you are right if you look at the question from your point of view. Anyway, great discoveries have occurred thanks to experiments and non-standard thinking of the discoverers.

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