Pimoroni Blinkt! mounted to PI Zeros on a Cluster Hat

I have a Cluster hat with 4 PI Zeros mounted on it. The GPIO on the PI Zeros have no pin Connectors.
I would like to connect Pimoroni Blinkt! to each of the pi zeros.

Is there a pin connector I can use to do this?

Noting that I need to connect the Pimoroni Blinkt! at right angles to the pi zeros. So they face up.

Assuming the above is possible. How easy is it to setup the Pimoroni Blinkt!?


Michael B.

Hey Micheal,

I’m not sure about how easy it will be to setup the Pimoroni Blinkt as I haven’t used the product personally. Could you post a photo of your project so I can see about finding an appropriate GPIO connection. All the best with your projects and have a Merry Christmas!

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Hi Bryce
What I think I need is a male right angle gpio connector. Assuming such a thing exists.
My pi zeros are mounted on a cluster hat, so they are vertical and close together.
The connected needs to take the pin outs from the pi zero gpio horizontally and the turn up vertically.
Does anything like that exist?
Michael B.
P.S. I figure that means I need a Male right angle hammer header for the pi zero GPIO? Is that correct?

Hi Michael,

We have right-angle headers available.. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any with a hammer end. You could potentially combine it with this but it might add to the length and clutter of your setup.

As the two columns of Pi Zero GPIO pins are right next to each other, you may have to attach the headers on opposite ends of the board.

If you’re able to send a photo of your setup I might be able to make a better suggestion.

Core Electronics

Hi Nick

That may be what I require, perhaps.
Would I need 2 per pi zero?
Is it correct, that 10 headers come in the pack?

I would be able to work around the need for a hammer header rig,
by using a pair of icy-pole sticks and a small g-clamp.

Photos attached:

The 1st one shows the bramble with the cluster hat etc. on top.

The 2nd one shows the 4 pi zeros from the side.

The 3rd give you the same pi zeros from another angle.

I was thinking of mounting the headers and Blinkt! on the pi zeros under the top plate.
The idea is to play around with Docker and setup a Docker image for “playing” the
Blinkt! units, using Docker to deploy the image to the 4 pi zeros via their label.

A good way to play around with clustered programming.
Note: I have the rpi’s (5) in the bramble currently processing science data using BOINC.


Michael B.
P.S This bramble took a while to setup the way I want it, but it was well worth the effort.

Hey Michael,

Here’s a 2x40 header which can be snapped into two 2x20 for two Pi Zeros

Q1: This part would be appropriate for the Pi Zero as you would only require one per two boards and accounts for the overlap issue with regular right-angle headers.

Q2: The new link on this post are two sets of 40-pin right angle setups which you can snap in half so each one works for 2 boards.

All the best with your project and have a Happy New Year!

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