Pirate Audio Dual Mic

Hi All.

Please, can you tell me what I should order to create this Wearable Device?

Please, I need to order this item (Pirate Audio Dual Mic - Pimoroni Pirate Audio: Dual Mic for Raspberry Pi | PIM524 | Core Electronics Australia)
to use it with a Vibration Motor, Human Temperature Sensor and Battery all of them will be connected to same Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W as Wearable Device.

My Raspberry pi 02w GPIO no Pins, so I need a male Header.

Please, How to connect the Pirate Mic and the other Sensors with the GPIO while the Pirate will use the 40 Pins.

Let me know If you recommend another Mic and Screen for this wearable device.

I need to include the best Battery with any other required Item(HAT/Booster…) to allow about 24 hours because this device will be Switched On most of the Time.

Please, I need the recommended item list with any Documentation or User Guide

Thank You

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I’m afraid how you’re gonna accomplish this project. If it’s a wearable project, you have to sew your components to the Raspberry Pi zero with conductive thread. But if you use the Pimoroni Pirate Audio: Dual Mic, you will need to solder male header to the Raspberry Pi zero. After placing the pirate, all pins will be blocked. One option is to solder the other components with the back side of the Raspberry PI. Not sure, how good is this option for a wearable project. Let’s see what other suggestion we get.

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Thank you Tepalia02203352

Do you recommend another Component (Mic and Screen)?

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Hi syd2
I would tread carefully here. If you intend recording conversation covertly you may run into some legal complications. Just be a bit careful.
Cheers Bob

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