PLA not coming out when printing

Hi Graham,

Why does the printer when printing seems to be “blocked” and the filament is not coming out of the nozzle.

On setup I can manually feed the PLA and it drips out from the nozzle but when I start to print, nothing comes out. Is there a setting that I need to adjust?

Hey Leon,
Are you able to consistently extrude any PLA (when your hot end is around 190 degrees) using the Cura Printer Control Interface Extrude Function?

Yes it does extrude out when I do that, but for some reason when it goes to print there is no PLA coming out.

after every print, do I need to take the fillament out and refeed it back in?

Hi Leon,

This is great to know. If you have material extruding via the manual controls then the hotend is purged and ready to use.

During the start sequence, the filament will retract a couple of centimeters, and if you simply hit stop and reprint, it will retract again. The outcome is “no material” on your first layer while the hotend pushes out air from those earlier retraction events.

If you change filament, abort a print, reattempt a failed print, or simply unsure if your printer is “ready to print”, then you should always purge the hotend as above. This ensures material is ready-to-print, and no hassles on that first layer.

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Hi Graham,

Please see the attached picture, all the prints have been like this. Is there something that i’m not doing or need to adjust something?

Please help.

Hi Leon,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately when you reply to a forum topic by email, attached images will not be “attached” to the forum. You’ll need to do this in the forum directly.