Printing base


How do I clean the printing base, as it doesn’t hold the print down and I cannot print properly as the print is dragged and I have to stop the print.

Hi @Leon19467,

What material are you using? Also, what settings do you have chosen in the below image?

material is PLA and standard

Hi Leon,

Could you upload a picture of the model you’re trying to print? Does it have a large surface area on the first layer to allow it to properly adhere to the bed? If it’s only a very narrow model, try adding ‘Brims’ to the gcode in cura.

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As Sam said, if the print area on the bed is very small, then the best thing to do would be enable “Print Brim”. Another great trick for small prints is to slow them down. You can set the speed for the first few layers to be 20-40% and that really helps with adhesion for some prints. Brim ought to do the job though; let us know how you go!