Lulzbot Taz 6 extruder head leak

G’day Graham, I recently purchased a taz 6 and have noticed that in the last week or so it has been leaking plastic from between the hot end and the cooling fins above. This however hasn’t as yet affected the quality of the prints. On longer prints though >5hrs I can see it becoming an issue as it will leak onto the print. Has this been an issue before and what can we do to rectify it? That problem aside though it is still an excellent machine. Cheers

Hi @Shaun28795,

That sounds quite unusual! It would be best to get in touch with Lulzbot directly as we haven’t run into this issue and they’ll get you back on track in quick time.

Take a close-up picture if you can and include some information about the material and settings you are using (such as a screenshot of the Cura profiles you are using). Lulzbot generally get back to you within a few minutes.

I’m interested to hear how things go!