Taz small print head fan not coming on

Hi all, tried to get on the Lulzbot forum but not sure whats going on there…

On my Taz the small print head fan doesn’t appear to come on. I removed the print head, and connected the fan to my bench supply and it works fine. The cabling all looks perfect.

Any ideas on what to check?

It has been a long while since I’ve used a TAZ 5/6, though I’m fairly sure the heatsink squirrel fan is 5V and normally “on” when the machine is powered (regardless of other settings).

You mentioned the fan works with an external power supply. I am assuming it was at 5V. If so, it would be worth doing a continuity test of the cabling to see if a wire is broken (up-to the connector that goes into the machine). Before pressing ahead with that, it would be best to email support@lulzbot.com for instructions.

From memory, the 5V is a common power supply on the RAMBo that is used for control logic and other things (LCD screen, etc). So you know power is working on that side if the LCD screen turns on. There might be a Nano Polyfuse for 5V external power, I wouldn’t be surprised if the step after continuity testing was to test whichever Polyfuse that is.

Hi Graham, thanks for the info, that helps a lot. Yes I have had my Taz for a long time now, its been fantastic!!

Yes its a 5V supply. OK, looks like I will check continuity, but perhaps in the mean time I will email Lulzbot support in case they have any other ideas.



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