Problem with TAZ 6 after moving it

A few days ago I moved my TAZ 6 from one side of the room to another. Yesterday I switched it on and hit “Print” as usual.
The print aborted because the TAZ 6 could not finish the initial nozzle wiping procedure. On closer inspection it was found that the nozzle is striking the black plastic as the end of the felt wiping pad.

I assumed that the printer was having issues because it is not level or something is caught under one of the feet. I have checked several times and the printer is level and all feet are securely on the very flat table top.

I don’t want to switch it on again until I have a few ideas on the cause and solutions.
Please provide some diagnostic steps to follow.

Hey Nadish,

The best way on the TAZ6 to check the level of the x axis is to measure from the top frame (or the printer bed) to one of the shiny guide-rod, left and right side.

If adjustments need to be made then turn the printer off (frees up the motors) and make the needed adjustments by turning the threaded rod on the Z axis stepper motors 1mm down so contact can be made.

I levelled the X-Axis as suggested and the problem persists.
What seems to have happened is that the Y-Axis is not zeroed correctly.
So the printer wipes the nozzle in the wrong location i.e. over the black plastic at the end of the felt wiping pad, instead over the felt section only.
How do I correctly reset the Y-Axis?

Hi Nadish,

You shouldn’t have to - it’s a TAZ 6 and the Y-Axis is calibrated by a sequence of events that begin with the Y-Axis limit switch onwards. It would be best to get in touch with Lulzbot directly via and they’ll have you back on track in a heartbeat. Their support is available 7 days a week.

Let me know how you get on!