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BuGGeye just shared a new project: "LiPi Switch"

This project was born out of necessity, when I purchased a WiFi enabled smart LIFX bulb for our bedroom. I love the idea of changing the temperature of the light, white for daytime and orange for evenings and the ability to remotely turn the light off.  In short, I love the LIFX light bulbs. However, they don’t pass the wife test.  What’s the wife test? In simple terms if your wife can not turn the light on and off just like she could with a standard bulb, then it’s useless, and you will need to remove it before she does!
All I needed was a standard wall switch that turned the bulb on or off when pressed.

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Hey I like it!
My suggestion though is -
Sonoff make some VERY HACKABLE (ESP8266 based) gear including a touch switch for the wall (LIFX make one too, but if you use a few the expense becomes an issue). Then your Pi can be anywhere (as long as it’s in WiFi range) and you won’t have to try to put it in the wall and power it somehow.

(and if anyone needs assistance I’m a licensed Electrician).


I built something very similar, again out of the fear of the bulbs being removed when I wasn’t around or them always being turned off at the switch :sweat_smile: all the time.

Really like your project mad props.
And agree that library by ML Clark is a saving grace.

My project ended up with a panel of different arcade buttons that control different sections of the apartment.


Nice! Got any pics Sean?

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