RPI Camera for Microscope

Hey all, I’m looking for a way to mount the RPI HD Camera onto my microscope (Saxon Prodigy MK II 40-1600x Biological Microscope). I’ve seen a couple tutorials out there but not sure/confident as to the right kit. I have a 3d printer and could possibly make the tube, but am not sure on the lens/how the camera would focus into (or instead of?) the eyepiece.

Does anyone have experience with this / suggestions on required parts?



Hi Christopher,

I’ve never tried to mount a camera to a microscope myself but if you were going to make something to fit the Pi HQ camera I’d look into using the C and CS mounts that are built into it.
The documentation for the HQ camera has a basic schematic and diagram but I haven’t found any great documentation on the physical size of a C and CS mount yet.

Perhaps someone more photography savvy than me can confirm if the mounts on the camera are a standardised photography size and if there are purpose-built mounts to suit already out there?


FyI, pimoroni have a microscope lens for the HQ camera.

The standard Pu camera V2 will peobably work fine. You can get focus adjustment tools for them very cheaply.

As far as focusing on the subject vs the lens, just position the camera lens at about the same as your eyeballs. The trick is to use a lens which has a depth of field and focal distance that puts the eyepiece out of focus and the subject image in focus.

Small lenses are often hyperfocal lenses which gives them an extreme depth of field, which might cause some issues, but they’re cheap so perhaps try one and see how you go.

Else the pi hq with a wide angle will probably do it.


Hi Christopher,

See if these help:

This article mentions a pimoroni microscope lens: Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Microscope - a Minimalist LEGO Version : 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

I just quick browsed the articles. From my experience in the lab, you would need a camera adapter. The last article mentions a pimoroni lens stand with a C-mount. Probably that would be the best way to go.


Hi Christopher,
Welcome back!

We actually stock a kit here that has the lens and stand included!

PS: with anything requiring a high zoom you’ll want plenty of light, the product page mentions using an LED lamp :smiley:

On @Oliver33 's method of using a normal camera; you can grab a lens kit such as this one: https://core-electronics.com.au/3-in-1-camera-lens-set-51059.html

I’m keen to see this one up and running!

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