Project by James245; Coffee Grinder With Arduino

James245 just shared a new project: "Coffee Grinder With Arduino"

Using a few bits and pieces, this ordinary coffee grinder now has two presets to run the motor for a programmable length of time. The idea being that the grinder running for a set amount of time will deliver a certain amount of coffee each button press meaning the beans can be stored unground, keeping them fresher for longer.

I completed this project for a friend, Ian, who lives for coffee. Ian wanted the same functionality in his old coffee grinder that his newer coffee grinder has (decaf and regular coffee grinders respectively).

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Alas, our coffee grinder @Core has a manual switch and is now all of the sudden in need of immediate modification! Thanks for sharing your project James, what’s next on the cards?

I have a continually growing list of projects that I would like to create. I might start with the small stuff first though. The hour meter on my friends boat counts when the key is in the on position, I want to make it count only when the engine is running.

The general themes for future projects will be poker, musical and artistic.I’ll keep you posted!

Love it James! Such a simple yet effective project :slight_smile: