Project by Matt; Mini Desk Vacuum

I’ve just shared a new project! "Mini Desk Vacuum"

Chances are if you are anything like me, being a maker is often an excuse to create as big of a mess as possible during the duration of a project. And after the project is finished? You are left with an enormous mess to clean up, taking away valuable time to play around with your newly completed project. This soon became a problem, and with any problem, there is always a solution that involves soldering and 3D printing! I decided to build a battery-powered desk vacuum that will be able to collect at least some of my mess for me and let me play around with it at the same time. Basically a win-win.

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Hey Matt,

What a debut on the forum! Awesome project, the Blender renders of each of the parts are amazing :smiley:



Hi Matt,

That’s a great project. Well done.

I think your perseverance shows through.

Did you find the wiring up of the components difficult?



Hi John, thanks for your comment.

Wiring was a little tricky due to some of the tight spaces I had crammed in components, but wasn’t too bad to overall.


Nice project! Great job :+1: